19 Apr


What is Reflexology?

Foot massage has been practiced by a variety of cultures for centuries and is believed to have its roots in China as far back as 5000BC.  Due to global ongoing research and dedication to the practice, reflexology has evolved into a respected profession and effective healing therapy.

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It is acknowledged that energy flows longitudinally through the body via meridians (pathways) that link various organs and body parts to one another. This is particularly significant in relation to the work of Inge Dougans who in 1983 founded what is now known as the International Association for Reflexology and Meridian Therapy. This healing therapy (or Reflexology) works at a deeper, more causal, level. By applying pressure techniques to the feet it stimulates circulation and thereby releases blockages in these energy pathways which restores balance to the body.

As there are many facets that comprise our beings – body, diet, mind, emotion, spirit, lifestyle – it is important to keep them in balance. If one is out of sync it affects the others, which ultimately results in distress and disease. The aim of Reflexology is to treat the body holistically to enable it to reach its natural balance.

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