Transformational Wilderness Experiences<h/2>

Are you at a crossroad in your life, feeling jaded by the mundane routine of day to day living and feeling disconnected from yourself and those close to you?  Are you looking to simplify your life – get “off the grid” – to find more meaning and purpose in your life?  Join us in a Transformational Wilderness Experience where you will have the opportunity to go back to basics, rediscover your roots and find the perspective to review and redefine your life. Leave the corporate world behind for a short while and unleash your inner vagabond. The wilderness is the true medicine for the modern soul.

Through trusted partnerships we provide the vehicles, equipment and itinerary for safe and immersive wilderness experiences in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

In addition to wilderness experiences we can also help you prepare for your own expedition anywhere in the world.

Expedition coaching

How prepared and equipped are you, for the Realities you could encounter in your Dream?

The difference between a Great Trip and a Memorable Experience is your PREPARATION.

Over thousands and thousands of kms of travel throughout my life – I have seen happy travellers and miserable travellers.  I have seen Dream Trips turn into Disaster Trips. The one thing that made a significant difference to their experience, was personal preparation. Understanding the Purpose of the journey and ensuring physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Preparation is a proactive way of preventing some unneccesary events and incidences from occuring,that can compromise your well being.

Expeditions are about endurance, resilience, agility, collaboration, flexibility, creativity, tenacity and teamwork.  These qualities are underpinned by a clearly defined Vision of  WHY you are embarking on your journey.

We are the safe hands that take you through the preparation for your journey – you not only have a terrific truck and wonderful route – you will have the confidence and the skills that will equip you to embrace most occurences and challenges fearlessly.

A trip with a plan, is a trip with a purpose, which is a trip with meaning, therefore a trip with a Vision

– Paul Marsh

Why are you embarking on this Adventure?

What will make your Dream Trip into a Memorable Journey?