01 Jul
July 1, 2015


MIND OVER BODY workshop will help you understand the relationship between stressful emotions and illness.  You will realise the long terms effects it has on your well being – physically, mentally, emotionally, behaviourally and spiritually as well as how it impacts your life.

We will show you how to manage your emotional experiences differently so they don’t control and consume you.  This way you can enjoy a healthier quality of life.

Your invitation is to take a 2 day journey inward with Joanne and Alison, to discover what is holding you back from the life you want; clear what is not serving you and help you find your inner compass that will direct you to the life you desire and deserve.

If you can relate to this in anyway, or you know of anyone who can, we would love to work with you and we invite you to join us for a life changing experience.


20 Jan
January 20, 2015
Shift Happens when you dial up 1º to set the wheel of change in motion.

Shift Happens when you dial up 1º

You only need to dial up 1 º to make a shift that will set the wheel of change in motion……

Do you find the thought of change daunting? Integrative life coach Joanne Moss says that you only need to dial up 1o to make a shift that will set the wheel of change in motion …

Throughout life we are faced with fresh opportunities and difficult choices to make. Sometimes these choices mean changing or letting go of what no longer serves us.

The prospect of change can be overwhelming, so I suggest you find a new way to view the concept: see it as a gentle “shift” in a new direction. In my experience, the difference is simply that change results in a transformation (for example, ending a relationship), while a shift implies a transition (for example, adjusting the way you interact with someone to try to improve the relationship).

If you hide away from any form of newness, you may find yourself being forced to confront change, which can be traumatic, as there is complete loss of control. You can change or be changed!

What stands in our way? Fear – or fight or flight, an acute stress response. So your choice is to “forget everything and run” or “face everything and rise”.

What do we fear most about change?

  • Is it the fear of how letting go of a job or relationship may affect our status or image?
  • What will people think?
  • Is it fear of disapproval?
  • Will I be rejected?
  • Is it fear of the unknown?
  • What if I can’t cope? – I am not equipped and I may look foolish?
  • My comfort zone keeps me safe …
  • Is it the fear of loss?
  • What will become of me?
  • What if I end up with less than what I have now or I end up on my own?
  • Is it the fear of success?
  • What if I can’t cope with the demands?
  • What if I am isolated due to fame and fortune?
  • Is it the fear of commitment?
  • What if I change my mind?
  • What if the responsibility is too great?

The Risks of Staying the Same

  • Stagnation.
  • Being left behind.
  • Compromised self-worth because you didn’t explore your full potential.
  • Feelings of regret for missed opportunities.
  • Unfulfilled wishes or dreams.
  • Time wasted on living the life others wanted or expected.
  • Living to work and not working to live.
  • Not spending more time with significant partners and friends.
  • Not making a difference in your own life and that of others.
  • Not taking better care of yourself while you had the chance.

“The greatest risk is doing nothing – you will never know what can be done!”–          Richard Branson

10 Steps to Making a Positive Shift

  1. Understand that you have freedom of choice about your circumstances
  2. Know that the pain of change is not forever
  3. Persevere
  4. Understand the phases of change and that they are normal
  5. Understand that what you resist persists
  6. Realise that Change can happen – one step at a time
  7. Get inside your head
  8. Reflect on the most recent big changes you experienced
  9. Find a mentor or someone you can relate to that has gone through similar experiences and flourished
  10. Shift your mindset from seeing the obstacles to seeing the opportunities

Change happens when the pain of holding on is greater than the pain of letting go.

Don’t go through life repeating the same actions that drain you of energy and happiness and call it a life! Remember, your comfort zone is the prison of your potential – life begins when you escape this zone.

Are you Struggling with Corporate Toxicity?

21 Sep
September 21, 2014


Who’s Life is it Anyway? Are you struggling in the quagmire of Corporate Toxicity? If you are looking for answers or a solution for change, read my article on “Who’s Life is it Anyway” in the latest issue of the Health Intelligence Magazine and you may find some choices and alternative solutions!  Enjoy reading it!



Is Wonder Woman Syndrome burning you out?

03 Jul
July 3, 2014

WONDER WOMAN SYNDROME is burning you out – read the attached article I wrote for the Health Intelligence Magazine.  You may find answers and solutions.  Happy reading

Are you being all things to all people at a cost to YOU?

Are you being all things to all people at a cost to YOU?

Wonder Woman syndrome

Is Wonder Woman Syndrome hounding you?

10 Jun
June 10, 2014

If you are suffering the effects of Wonder Woman Syndrome – its time to sit up and take stock before you burn out or break down!

Research from the  Mental Health Foundation has shown that anxiety related disorders have increased from 12% in women since 2009 to 22% to date.  In most cases women don’t acknowledge it or speak about it, as it may appear to be a sign of weakness and that they can’t cope.  The result is ultimate burnout or break down. Read more →


28 May
May 28, 2014
  • Is your mind being taken over by the digital world?
  • Is TV a convenient escape or do you watch specific programs with a purpose?
  • Is the Internet a functional source of information or an escape mechanism for entertainment?
Radiation to baby in utero.

Radiation to baby in utero.

Public Health England, who issues guidance to NHS (National Health Service) says there is a distinct correlation between the time spent on the internet eg Social media as well as TV, and mental health problems, which are increasing in children. Children who spend more time (approximately 4 hours or more a day),on computers, TV and video games tend to experience higher levels of emotional distress, anxiety and depression. Childine calls about online bullying; suicidal thoughts and self harm have escalated in recent years.   The digital culture is on the increase with access to the internet being provided through smartphones and tablets as well as computers.

What happens to your child in front of a screen.

What happens to your child in front of a screen.

There are many more side effects of “screen addiction”: Read more →

Is Aging Depressing or Inspiring?

03 May
May 3, 2014

Aging has historically been perceived as a pathology rather than potentiality. Aging is only partially an atrophy of our physicality but for the most part it is actually an ascension to wisdom, wholeness and authenticity (as beautifully said by Jane Fonda). Read more →

Needy Friends – are they needy or did you change the Goal Post

28 Apr
April 28, 2014

I have been inspired by a resounding theme that I have recently been hearing – “my friend(s) are so needy – I can’t cope/deal with it”.  Women, particularly in their forties onwards – their lives are full – juggling multiple responsibilities between careers and job demands, home duties and tasks, family commitments and friends needs………They feel depleted with nothing left to give……..The question I have to ask is “Are you finding friends NEEDY or DID YOU CHANGE the goal posts”.   Read more →

7 Easy ways to embrace Change

24 Apr
April 24, 2014

imagesIs change painful or gainful?

Its about CHOICE and how you choose to view it.  You get what you focus on – if you focus on the pain – pain is what you will experience.  If you choose to focus on the gain – you enjoy the benefits.  Would you like to know how??

Ask yourself the following questions: Read more →


22 Apr
April 22, 2014

My theme for the week in alignment with the recent Blood Moon of this past week is CHANGE.  CHANGE OR BE CHANGED!  Change takes courage – its difficult in the the beginning; messy in the middle and rewarding in the end (Robin Sharma),  Change brings opportunity and possibility.  So why do we fear it?  Is it the beginning and the middle part? OR is that we fear it will change us?  Change, opens the gateway for possibilities and opportunties in our untapped potential. So why don’t we adjust the way we see change and view it as an exploration of the unknown – an adventure through curious eyes and sheer wonder at what surprises could be awaiting us.  Either way we are guaranteed growth and becoming more of who we are. Read more →

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